Exclusive Makati Hotel Party


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Product with line item

Exclusive Makati Hotel Party

5 hours | Up to 15 pax

Modern bachelorette party in the heart of Makati

Modern, simple and elegant,  that's how our new event venue, The Penthouse Suite should be described.This package comes with a contemporary French cuisine and punch to booze the party. Getting ready with warm up games provided or enjoy the KTV while waiting for the exciting surprise.Our Ladies Night at Penthouse wouldn't be complete without having the entertainment by our alluring sexy Caucasian performer which is surely perfect for Bachelorette parties, and Birthdays!


Penthouse Suite

Rules & conditions

- DRUGS are strictly forbidden at the venue.
- Do not climb on the sofas with your shoes on.
- It is forbidden to hire any EXTERNAL TALENTS or CATERERS for the party at any given time.
- If those rules are not respected, we reserve the right to end the party before the rental hours is up without any refund
- The number of guests indicated before the event has to be respected. We won’t allow more people to access the venue than agreed before the event.
- As part of our company policy, Manila Secrets will be charging any damage and/or loss in the property during the occurrence of your event/party. The Manila Secrets Management Team cannot be held liable for any problem, damage and/or loss of your personal belongings that may occur inside the premises.

Cancellation terms

-50% deposit is required to secure the booking (venue and the performer/s)
-Full balance payment shall be paid directly to the performer before the show.

Additional terms

-All changes regarding the date of the event shall be made 2 weeks before the actual event.
-Should there be any postponement or cancellation due to any circumstances, ManilaSecrets reserves the right to retain the deposit fee for coordination & conceptualization services.


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