Ladies Night SPArty


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Product with line item

Ladies Night SPArty

3 hours | Up to 15 pax

Relax and pamper yourself with your girls before your big day. Have a full mobile spa set up with 90 minutes spa treatments at DejaVu Private Lounge with healthy snacks, drinks party decors, and games with prizes.


DejaVu Private Lounge

Rules & conditions

- DRUGS are strictly forbidden at the venue.
- Do not climb on the sofas with your shoes on.
- It is forbidden to hire any EXTERNAL TALENTS or CATERERS for the party at any given time.
- If those rules are not respected, we reserve the right to end the party before the rental hours is up without any refund
- The number of guests indicated before the event has to be respected. We won’t allow more people to access the venue than agreed before the event.
- As part of our company policy, Manila Secrets will be charging any damage and/or loss in the property during the occurrence of your event/party. The Manila Secrets Management Team cannot be held liable for any problem, damage and/or loss of your personal belongings that may occur inside the premises.

Payment terms

-50% deposit is required to secure the booking (venue and the performer/s)
-Full balance payment shall be paid directly to the performer before the show.

Cancellation terms

-All changes regarding the date of the event shall be made 2 weeks before the actual event.
-Should there be any postponement or cancellation due to any circumstances, ManilaSecrets reserves the right to retain the deposit fee for coordination & conceptualization services.

Additional terms

-It is totally forbidden to ask for the private number of the performer.

-Our hosts can’t be hired by Event agencies. We deal with final customers only.

-We reserve the right to replace the performer with another performer at the last minute.

-Only ladies are allowed to be present for the duration of the show. Males cannot attend the event.

-Pictures are not allowed during the show (depending on the performer). You can take pictures with the talent as soon as the show is done.

-The performers’ schedules are very tight since they have often several events per evening & the show will have to start 15 minutes maximum after the performer’s arrival.

-ManilaSecrets requires a minimum of an hour arrival window for all our performers. They happen to have several gigs per night & the traffic in Manila can make them arrive a bit late.


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