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About Toro

TORO is a DJ and producer from Italy. He started playing records at the age of 17, spinning mostly hip hop and rap music around different clubs in Milan. For the next three years he dedicated his time to creating his own electronic beats, crank,
rap and hip hop productions.
In 2008, he produced the beat for the song 'Domani Forse' for the all-girl rap trio of Mascara (Marya, Michi and Juggy) on their album, 'Scaramanzia'. It was also around this time that he discovered dubstep music, found it resonated with the music he was trying to make, and was instantly hooked. He has devoted his time and energy to making bass music ever since.
In 2010, he released his first EP 'Incipit' through Bad Trip Recordz , an independent label from Spain that featured mainly roughstep and drum 'n bass tracks. It was also in this year that TORO debuted on stage with the local duo from Piacenza, Techfood, and Savage Rehab from the UK.
In 2011, the UK label Future Followers released his single "Bad Things", which was featured in the compilation 'Something For the Future' alongside other international artists. It was also in this year that TORO played regularly (with Gerruzz, Benwa, ) for the infamously wild weekly dubstep, drum n bass and electro party series Vortex in Milan. He also considers a milestone in his career being able to front for Jazzsteppa (UK)
In the next year TORO remixed the song 'Smell of Bass' by Dies Irae feat. Skruff for Blame Society, and was able to collaborate with E-Green, Johnny Marsiglia and Pula+ for the song "Una Meraviglia" and with Sfera for the single 'Party In Barca Torni a Nuoto'. He also had a stint as a resident DJ for Meredith, the reference bass party in Milan, sharing the stage with most everyone in the bass scene, from old school to new school artists such as Emalkay, Tomba, Zomboy, Niveau Zero, Culprate, Shekel, Son of Kick, Venetian Snares, Eptic, Bong-Ra, Mrk1, Xilent, The Bug and Excision
It was in 2013 that TORO decided to try something different for himself, live in a new environment and rediscover his roots all at the same time. He packed his bags and moved to the Philippines, from where his parents hail. It was upon his arrival in Manila that the Italian label SPVN released his second EP, "22". In Manila he was able to play with the renowned DJs Red-I, The Zombettes, Supreme Fist, Soulflower, Don P, Motherbasss and also front for renowned bands such as Wilabaliw, Greyhoundz and Queso. TORO is also a member of the Dragon Underground Selectors and has been able to play at the Project 420 Festival in Batangas and Magayon Festival in Albay. He produced and recorded a track with Camoi of Pinoy Stories entitled "Lune" and is currently collaborating with DJ Alien Umali and Cosmic Love's Anton Saldana. He continues to play in different venues in Manila (Imperial, Black Market, B-Side, Time) and is producing new music for subsequent release.



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