Spirit of Manila 77ft


The ultimate venue for private events with up to 80 guests, this yacht allows passengers to have their privacy while still having access to the beautiful view of Manila Bay. The yacht has an enclosed lower deck for added intimacy, and an open upper deck for passengers to enjoy the fresh sea breeze. Book the MV Spirit of Manila now, for an event worth remembering.

We will provide you all party essentials, food, DJ to have the perfect event.


Max capacity: Up to 80 pers.

Min capacity: Up to 10 pers.

Amenities: Air Conditioning, Wifi, Basic Sound System, TV



Air-conditioned (Lower Deck)
Opening view (Upper Deck)
Use of LED TV
Basic PA System
Tiffany Tables & Chairs

Rules & conditions

  • Full payment shall be settled 5 working days before the event.
  • A fifty percent (50%) cancelation fee shall be charged should the client decide to cancel 3 days before the function date.
  • All other incidental charges should be settled and be paid in cash before leaving the vessel.
  • Duration of the party should be within specified hours only.
  • Client will pay for the cost of broken damaged or list of equipment, glassware, utensils and premises caused by guests and other visitors.
  • Passengers must comply with the rules and regulations for the maintenance of Orderliness & Cleanliness onboard the vessel.
  • Vyb Lab reserves the rights to decline and remove passengers at any time for valid reasons, such as persons who are under the influence of liquor, prohibited drugs, etc.
  • For safety purposes, expectant moms are advised not to board the ferry.
  • In the event that passengers need medical assistance and/or are handicapped, this fact should be declared upon reservation.
  • The following are not allowed on-board the Carrier: (a) Any type of firearms (Military/Police personnel on duty/mission must surrender firearm at the Inspection Desk and will be places under the custody of the Ship Master/Captain), (b) Explosive items, like firecrackers and other pyrotechnics, (c) Live animals, (d) Corrosive substances such as chemical, acids, and alkaline based substance, (e) Flammable substances and materials such as gasoline, LPG, hydrogen, paints, thinner or other substances listed by International Maritime Organization, (f) Compressed Toxic Gas such as Carbon Dioxide, Ammonia Chlorine, and other poisonous substances, and (g) Prohibited drugs and/or substances.
  • The Passenger assumes the risk of and agrees that Carrier shall not be liable for (a) injury, death, or delay to passengers, (b) loss, damage, or delay of passenger's baggage, effects or property arising from acts of the ship owner, master, officers, crew and/or passengers rendered necessary or advisable under the circumstances or by reason of any and all fortuitous events or force majeure which are beyond the control of the Carrier, its crew of employees.
  • In case the Carrier cannot complete the trip for any cause whatsoever, Vyb lab reserves the right to bring the passenger to another destination under the most feasible means possible at Vyb Lab's expense, or to cancel this contract, returning to said passenger the value of the unused portion of the payment.


Seaside Boulevard Esplanade Seaside Terminal Pasay


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